That’s right.

A mall. Animal-free. A big one. With lots of glitter and big lights. With every kind of shop. Grocery, bakery, deli, shoe store, pet supply shop, clothes, hair salon using only cruelty-free products, and on and on, restaurants too. Good ones. I have a vision. And it’s a nice one. No fur, no leather, no skins, and those who enter must wear all animal-free attire. This place has rules. No cruelty here. Yes, that’s right. That’s what I want. A happy place too. No vegetarian snobbery. There’s no place for arrogance in the animal-free world of Sharon Lee. No suffering looks on the faces of people who feel they’re being deprived.

Now that I mention it, I see that on a lot of  vegetarian faces. Faces that still have Big Mac lines on them, so it’s not the deprivation causing the look. But it’s there. Maybe it’s the prejudice and discrimination directed at such folks that makes them so unhappy, especially when they’re doing something so right.

It’s okay to have fun while you do what’s right. It’s okay to laugh. God, my God, wants happiness. Every burst of laughter coming from one of It’s animal’s mouths delight’s It to no end. That’s one more frown It doesn’t have to turn upside down. So, laugh. Have fun. Enjoy your life. Just don’t kill the animals. That’s all. Not a lot to ask. And don’t participate by eating the catches of other people. If you do, try harder next time, till you get it right. I’m tired and sick and fed up and depressed (that doesn’t mean I’m not happy) over walking down the aisles of death in every supermarket in the world.

I’m offended and pained at being forced to view and smell the tortured, dismembered bodies of my animal friends. When is it all going to end? Entrepreneurs is what we need. Animal-free entrepreneurs. People with dreams. Big ones. Investors with money that flows in a cruelty-free world. Not just the small, never grow any bigger, shops sprouting up here and there. Though that’s a start and we have to start somewhere, so we’ll support them too. But bigger stores, and big chains of every conceivable market transformed into animal-free.

Fast food. Animal-free Chefs. Veggie Burgers. Veggie Deli’s. Veggie Pizza Parlors. No animals or animal products. Veggie cheese. Soy meats that taste like baloney, ham and turkey, but without the suffering. We don’t need featherless chickens; we need to free the chicken. International animal-free cuisines. I’m tired of having my animal-free products supplied by purveyors of torture. Why should I have to eat my vegetarian meal in a slaughterhouse? Why should I have to buy my clothes at a slaughterhouse? Aren’t you sick of it too? Being given your little vegetarian or vegan corner of somebody else’s house of cruelty? Just to satisfy a small segment of the market? Small segment?

Well, it wouldn’t be so small if more animal-free entrepreneurs with big ideas and big investors gave people what they really wanted: a cruelty-free world, which means a cruelty-free shopping mall. We could do it if we’d stop thinking so small. Big. Think big. Demand big. Stop trying to get your animal-free products in slaughterhouses. How absurd. Build your own stores. Start small if you want, but grow, by golly, grow. Give the people what they want before they ask for it. You know what people want. You’ve been silent too long. Too complacent. Okay, ‘I guess I’ll take whatever vegetarian crumbs they throw my way’ type of silence.

Plan the future. Make the future. See the future through God’s eyes. See big. See beautiful. I want an animal-free shopping mall. And then another, and another till we put the slaughterhouse malls out of business. Till we close the doors on the business of cruelty. I want an animal-free mall. And, I know you want it too. One for all people – and all other animals too. No zoo here, but a place where our animals can come shopping with us. Day care, mall care, for our furry family members while we shop. A mall with style, flair, with sparkle and bright lights. I can see it. I know you can too. Cause I’m looking through God’s eyes now and so are you.




This is where I cook and test the animal-free foods that will change the world for the better.

From this tiny kitchen in Cleveland, Ohio comes the finest animal-free recipes and formulas in the world.

This is my work space, where I work till death departs me. I made a castle in public housing for my dog daugther Midnight Rose Davies-Tight!


The Animal-Free Chef does not assess the managerial, procedural, or financial status affecting investment worthiness of the companies that make and sell the animal-free products recommended.



Genesis 1:29

And God said,

“Behold, I have given you every plant yielding seed

that is on the face of all the earth,

and every tree with seed in its fruit.

You shall have them for food”.





DONATE to the ADVANCEMENT OF ANIMAL-FREE CUISINE and the FIVE PRINCIPLES to a better life: No prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter – one leads to the other if left unchecked.

Welcome To Palestinian Olive Oil

Does anybody want to support Palestinians under Israeli occupation? If so, you can purchase Palestinian products from the ZATOUN site. I haven’t yet, since I just found it, but I will soon and get back to report on delivery and quality.

Zatoun products reflect the essence and rich culture of Palestine helping to connect Canadians and Americans to the people and the land of Palestine. Join Zatoun to benefit vulnerable people, groups and partners in Palestine especially farmers, women and the young. There is something


THE ANIMAL-FREE CHEF does not support content assault advertising on this or any other site. Photos of grotesque body parts are used to elicit an aversion response in the minds of the viewers to the copyright-protected content where they appear.

5 STAR ANIMAL-FREE RECIPES ENGINEERED BY THE ANIMAL-FREE CHEF. * Contains no prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture or slaughter!


Meet Lilly Belle Pi, Creative Coordinator


TA-FC Clipboard: If when selecting a company name in the A-Z CATEGORY LIST, you see “oops, nothing found there” all that means is the content for that company is still in draft form – I’m working on it. Okay?

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Share The Animal-Free Chef TEST KITCHEN page with your associates and acquaintances. Let them see what’s new in Food! The newest trends and products on the market today are PLANT-BASED. I guess about all that could be done with the chicken, cow, pig, fish, has been done, leaving the creative minds in food reaching for a new canvas! They’ve got a lot of painting to do! There’s no sky limit on this one. Tell them to visit #AFC GLOBAL for all the recipes needed to begin the developmental process into the world of Animal-Free Cuisine with an EDGE over the competition!

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