Now this was a surprise to me. I bought it to make fig cookies, but instead ending up smearing it on toast, any time of day or night – with or without a nut butter. I look forward to trying it on black Russian bread – one of my favorites.

I’ll get to the cookies eventually.


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  1. I’m surprised you found it, since they weren’t still in business when I revisited the product. Maybe they’re back or you just got lucky. Hope the squares turned out. I can’t buy it anymore in Cleveland, so I got as far as using it on toast like a preserve.


  2. I just bought it about a month ago in a standard chain grocery store (don’t remember which one) in Connecticut. Looking here for something to do with it!
    I made current squares, my husband’s favorite, and thought it might work in the same way.


  3. Hi Marcia. I do not sell any products I recommend. However I did do an exhaustive search for you and Grandmother’s Fig Pastry Filling appears to be no longer available and nowhere to be found. This product was more like a seedless preserve, so I searched preserves and jams and found something you might like in its place. The reviews are good. It looks like in future I’ll have to make my own filling. Here’s the link >


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