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High protein, high fiber, low sugar, gluten-free, non GMO. All sounded great.

Over the years I tried many breakfast-in-a bar, high energy, lift you up mid-day, or keep you going all day, containing supposedly all ‘good for you’ ingredients, made by popular and not so popular companies, health food type bars that were going to change how you feel – for the better. I never liked any of them. They were too dry, too hard (worry about breaking your teeth hard), too crumbly, no flavor and texture you’d think about wanting again later. Sawdust comes to mind – crackling, breaking sawdust. An effort to chew, and move around your mouth, an effort to swallow unless you had a beverage with it, all the while wondering why you just didn’t stop at the donut shop.

When I received these bars, I didn’t pick them up, just looked at the wrappers, and they looked like they’d be hard to chew – like all the others I had tried – the slimness of the packaging, plus what looked like hard chocolate on the wrapper – I thought that was a piece of the bar – plus hard nuts made me want to wait a day.

The next day, I looked again, wondering what recipe I could possibly make using these bars. I did like the gold star, the word GLO, the rich brown and bright colors of the wrappers. The gold kept catching my eye. I went to work at the computer, then needed to stretch, so again went back to the box. Well, I have to taste one. I have to taste them all. Not just a taste, I had to eat a whole bar and see if I like the total experience.

I decided on the Creamy Peanut Butter & Sea Salt first. Creamy can’t be hard, right?

I felt the bar – through the packaging – and thought, oh my goodness, it’s soft. Then I felt the others – through the packaging – and same thing, soft. Whoa, now I was excited. I opened the package, well, cut the top off with scissors, then opened it. AND WHAT A TOTALLY UNEXPECTED SURPRISE.

I removed it, and it was oily on the surface. Different, but nice. Smooth all over, and not slender at all. Then I cut it in half, saving the other half for Steve when he gets home. I ate it a small bite at a time, thinking I need a napkin for my fingers, or I should have worn jeans today. The texture was smooth, the flavor like peanuts. As I’m chewing with ease, I’m thinking about the moon cake I had for the first time a few days earlier, and thinking at the time that somebody in America should make a candy bar with that texture. And here I am eating it.Talk about a short wait-time for the granting of a wish! Not too sweet, not too anything, except pleasurable. Then I started thinking about all the super foods in it, and got up and ate Steve’s half.

I went back to work. But I couldn’t get my mind off the other two bars. Maybe with all the super foods in this compact package, I should wait a little – let it do its magic, or whatever super foods do. So I waited – a half an hour. I’m happy. I’m not hungry at all.

But when the mind wants something, the mind finds a way to get it, and all I had to do was get up from my chair and walk to the kitchen. I opened the second one, cut it in half. It’s oily too. I’m really liking that feature now. Who would think to do that? This time I’ll save the other half for Steve.

Well, one bite, and it’s maple flavor – it’s says caramel, but to me it’s maple, and I loved it. Two bites, and what is the delicious texture oozing into my mouth, and what are those little bits? Mixed nuts, but not break your teeth nuts, nice little crunches. What a brilliant contrast of textures and flavors! Sweeter than the first bar, more like a candy bar, but still with all the super foods. I’m really lovin’ it now. Well, I don’t have to tell you what happened to the other half. I’m figuring I’ll eat three, save three for Steve, and I have three left for a recipe.

An hour later – and in fairness to me I hadn’t had breakfast – I figured one was breakfast, one lunch and the other an afternoon snack, nothing wrong with that. I starting wondering about Subway. I’ll bet I could eat four of these a day, lose weight (the ten pounds I gained last winter and still am carrying around) and get more healthy. I was making plans. This one is dark chocolate. That’s good. And the salt, that I forgot to mention, was perfectly balanced in all bars. Very nice addition. The chocolate was less sweet than the caramel, but more sweet than the peanut butter alone. Same thing with the oozing with this one – only chocolate instead of caramel. I had loving thoughts of my mother. She’d like these.

Now I’m thinking about all the people I’d like to give these GLO bars to. What kind this one will like, what kind somebody else – on my Christmas in August list – would like. I’d have to give each one three – so they could try them all. Then I realized it was gone, my three bar allotment. Steve gets three. I have three for a recipe, but they’re all different. Doesn’t matter, I’d better do that recipe now, while I still have those three left.

I got up from the computer, went into the kitchen and with no prior thought whatsoever created one of the most creamy, delicious salad dressings on the planet – using the three GLO bars.

When Steve got home from work, I gave him his three and his thoughts were the same as mine. Oh my goodness, we talked about them during commercials and pauses throughout the Jimmy Fallon show (our clicker pauses, not Jimmy Fallon’s) – and beyond. He did save one for lunch the next day, though, when he found out I had already done the recipe, and there were none left.

He tasted the salad dressing before going to work today, after it thickened in the refrigerator overnight – and loved it. “Out of the park”, he said. So tonight when he gets home, he’ll have a big salad waiting for him. He gets to experience the bars all over again through this wonderful salad dressing.

Good as gold, these bars! End of story.

UPDATE: I JUST SAW ON FACEBOOK THAT THESE BAR WRAPPERS ACTUALLY GLOW LIKE A BLACK LIGHT. THAT’S NOT HAPPENENING ON WORD PRESS. So if you want to see a glowing wrapper go to > I knew there was another reason why I kept staring at those wrappers. They didn’t glow at home either – just on Facebook.




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