This is one of the three vegan cheeses (Country Style Herbes De Provence) I took back home to Massachusetts recently. No one in my family is vegetarian/vegan. No one had any idea that people made cheese out of cultured nuts. Needless to say they were all quite surprised.

This cheese I chilled, since we didn’t have it until two days after I arrived. Instead of eating as is (as I did with the two cheeses seen below), I placed a wedge on a cracker, topped it with a spot of prepared yellow mustard, then topped that with a tiny bit of grapefruit lemon marmalade, then sprinkled all with a tiny bit of salt and freshly ground black pepper. Absolutely wonderful.

This cheese, in particular, teams up beautifully with wine – in fact wine enhances the total experience of savoring the cheese.

The Aged English Smoked Farmhouse and Fresh Loire Valley In A Fig Leaf cheeses were served as is. These two didn’t have any time to chill before I served them (since I arrived late evening). In hindsight I would wait till the next day.

When the cheese wrapped in fig leaf is at room temperature, it’s very soft and creamy, difficult to cut into a wedge, and as you cut, the fig leaf tears at the cheese, making it messing. Had I chilled it, this probably wouldn’t have happened. Still delicious, but as with any company that makes several varieties of a product, everyone will have their favorites.

The smoked cheese is one of my favorites. But with that too, the chilling becomes important, especially if placed on a cracker. I discovered that a dab of a condiment enhances the overall texture in the mouth, since when chewing just the cracker with the cheese it creates a bit of a gumming up effect, much like some dairy cheeses do. In addition, Miyoko’s cheeses are so-o-o rich, that a little dab of a contrasting taste sensation (sour and/or sweet) works to cut the richness.



04-Miyokos-Kitchen-Vegan-Cheese-Fresh-Loire-Valley-in-a-Fig-Leaf 08-Miyokos-Kitchen-Vegan-Cheese-Aged-English-Smoked-Farmhouse

Take a look at Miyoko’s Kitchen website to check out the other flavors and order online > http://miyokoskitchen.com/products-miyoko/


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