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Just got around to trying the granular form of instant mashed potatoes. Actually, the granular is closer to powder, but it’s still granular.

I follow the directions, except using water for the milk. When making any kind of instant potatoes I usually use more liquid than the box suggests. You be the judge of your own required thickness.

I put some liquid alternative butter or margarine in the water, followed by salt, smoked paprika, black pepper, ground dried rosemary, turmeric, sugar and nutmeg to taste.

I bring it all to a boil, then remove from heat and stir in the potatoes.  Adjust for seasoning. It serves up well right away, or is good for several days later. Serve with gravy or topping.

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Cranberry Beet Gravy  – give it a try.

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Also Kalamata Red Gravy.


Want to up the nutritional value of instant mashed potatoes? Add pumpkin.

I do the water the same as above. This time I added to the water: salt, pepper, sugar, smoked paprika, cinnamon to taste, some margarine, then about 1/2 cup canned pumpkin per 1 packet of granules.

Boil it all up – except the packet – stirring to assimilate the pumpkin, then remove from stove and add the granules. Adjust for seasoning, serve. This made a great mini holiday dinner.

Field Roast Celebration roast, sliced and pan-fried. Green frozen veggies, cooked in a red grapefruit, Balsamic vinegar, sugar, powdered ginger, salt and pepper sauce, thickened with arrowroot – all to taste.

I made a pinto bean pea soup the other day, took some out, thinned it, then thickened it with arrow root, adjusted seasoning, and used it as a gravy for the potatoes. I also included a dipping barbecue sauce for the celebration roast. All worked perfectly.

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