Ancient Kamut Grain DOG FOOD Don't Forget Lilly's Supper




Another one of Lilly Belle’s favorite dishes. What can I say? She loves my cooking! Blackeye peas have a meaty texture that I haven’t found in any other bean or legume. The Kamut flakes also add a chewy texture that she likes! And of course she loves her veggies – green beans with everything is how she’d prefer it!

Makes 23 cups

12 c. water

2 c. dried pinto beans, washed

2 c. dried blackeye peas, washed

1 c. wild rice

1 c. Kamut flakes (Ancient grain)

1 c. whole plain almonds, process in food processor till mealy, or pound in bag with flat side of hammer head

1/4 c. nutritional (vegan) yeast

1 c. TVP (textured vegetable protein) I used Bob’s Redmill

29 oz. can pumpkin

2 T. sea salt

2 T. turmeric

2 T. cumin

2 T. ground coriander

1 t. ground allspice

4 c. froz. mixed vegetables

In extra-large soup pot combine water, blackeye peas, pinto beans and wild rice. Bring to boil, cover tightly, reduce heat to med.-low and cook 1 hour, stirring halfway through.

Add Kamut flakes and processed almonds. Stir well and cook, covered, 30 minutes.

Add nutritional yeast, TVP, pumpkin, salt, turmeric, cumin, coriander and allspice. Stir well, then cook, covered, till TVP plumps up.

Add frozen veggies. Stir and cook till veggies defrost and become hot.

Turn heat off, keep covered, and let sit till cool enough to pack in covered containers. Refrigerate some, freeze some.

Notes: Blackeye peas are legumes.


By Sharon Lee Davies-Tight

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