Over the many years I’ve probably had 3-4 juicer machines. Each time after not much time, they all ended up at a garage sale. It just didn’t seem worth the time nor effort to get so little juice and so much pulp that I didn’t use out of the laborious process. That was back when veggies and fruits were cheap. They’re not cheap now. And don’t tell me to make a veggie loaf from the pulp. I won’t.

Still, I’ve been thinking lately that I might try it one more time. Fresh juices are expensive and some of the juices I liked the best and that advertised as fresh were really being held in warehouse vats up to three years before I drank them. What a shocker that was – especially for the ruby red grapefruit juice I liked so much. Come to think of it, even the whole grapefruits have been horrible for the last 2 years.

So here I go – once more – and so far it’s working out fairly well. The machine is a better quality, so I get more juice, but the veggies and fruits really are expensive. I bought 3 lbs. of cut celery for 5 dollars and 49 cents and got 2 large glasses of juice from it. That’s $2.75 per glass. Okay, so now I’ll look for sale items and discount stores and nothing precut. This is too much like work.

It does take a lot of time and the clean up… oh boy. Well, Steve and I think we both need more raw and juicing is a good way to get it. No recipes here. Just juice. I need to get more organized with it – save bits of produce I normally would throw away. Save space in the refrigerator to put the produce, plus the scraps plus the juice. I don’t like juicing everyday, so will probably do it 3 times a week, or thereabouts. And we can’t drink all the juice in the morning so we have nothing at night – discipline too! I’m not juicing twice a day that’s for sure.

I’ll have to tell you though, the apple juice tasted more like the finest cider, and the puree in the  bottom of the wire mesh strainer was delectable – like the most exquisite applesauce. People put an apple in every kind of juice to make it taste better and I can see why. For me it’s a lot to expect – to always have apples on hand. I really do have limited space.

Still, I’m staying with it. I’m going to have to get organic stuff and that’s more expensive, but it is my gut that I’m feeding. I want to be more optimistic, but I’m not there yet. Seems I’d have to be juicing and drinking all day and night for it to have benefit – but maybe not.

Hopefully I’ll have a more encouraging update. Cheers to tomorrows juice! How much juice do you think I can get out of 4 lbs. of strawberries?

UPDATE: I decided not to juice all the strawberries, since we like to eat them whole and it just seemed like a waste. I did, however, juice 12 oz. and obtained 8 oz. of juice. It textured like an ultra thin smoothie and didn’t separate for a long time, and even then it was minimal. So this is my plan. Next time I’ll make a dessert drink in a juice glass size. Add a little brown sugar, then top with a soy or coconut whipped cream flavored with vanilla. Maybe a mint sprig. Now that would be elegant.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef

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