THE SPIRALIZER – Yup. I’m spiralizing!


Bitoni USA – Amazon Marketplace – THE SPIRALIZER

Originally the spiralizer was designed to help parents get their kids to eat their veggies. The result in my opinion is that it worked on adults too! It’s a really neat machine, so light weight, easy to store. Inexpensive.

After a bunch of research this is the one I chose and I’m glad I did. Easy to use. Stays put when in action. Easy to clean unit, makes beautiful spirals with little effort. A breeze. Nice people over there at Bitoni USA too! They don’t forget you after you bought their product.

  • There are 3 interchangeable blades that create different shapes of “pasta”. SLICER blade (used to create pappardelle like pasta; ribbons and chips); CHIPPER blade (used to create thicker bucatini like pasta) and SHREDDER blade (used to make thin, spaghetti like pasta)

I started with onion and beets. 

First secure the feet of the unit to the counter by pressing each column attached to each foot downward to seal the suction cups.

When doing onion, use the slicer blade to make spirals, since the onion has multiple rings on it. Cut off both ends. Peel. Place one end on the round nub, pushing it easily into the onion. Then line it up with the plastic prongs, pushing the prongs into the opposite end of the onion.

Turn the crank with one hand, as you  push the lever handle on the side forward. Watch the spirals come out. Like magic!

Depending on the veggie, you’ll have a small piece leftover with a small cylindrical core. The onion I saved for dice in something else. The beet I saved as juicing scraps. Actually, the beet core looked like a mushroom cap with a stem on it. Now I’m thinking steam or roast the caps till tender and serve with sautéed mushrooms with a drizzle of something.

  • I used the chipper blade for the beets with wonderful results.

This is what I did with the beets and onion. Take a look: SAUTEED SPIRAL BEETS AND ONION




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