Beet juice is quickly becoming one of my favorite juices, and beets my favorite veggie to juice in my juicer machine.

Steve keeps reminding me to buy beets, so he’s feeling good about it too.

The yield is surprisingly high, given the hardness of the vegetable. It makes a lot of foam, but it’s good-tasting foam, thick and smooth. Wonderful.

I cut the ends off and discard. I know a lot of people juice the ends, but I don’t know what’s in those gnarly nubs, all those twisty crevices, what might be lurking. I also peel it.

I don’t peel carrots, but I don’t do those ends either, and I cut out any bad spots. The veggies that I juice are the ones I would use in a recipe, prepped the same way. I don’t want to juice stuff like the very end of the celery bunch – the end yes, but I thoroughly clean it first.

Brown, rotted leaves, no. If I wouldn’t eat it plain, I won’t juice it.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef

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