Baked not fried, gluten-free, sweet potatoes, platter style. Served with a dip of ketchup and Red Beet  Horseradish. Perfect combo!

Serves 4

Preheat oven to 425 degrees

froz. sweet potato fries – as many as you want for as many servings as you want

The instructions on the bag tell you to evenly spread frozen sweet potato fries on an oiled baking sheet, then bake 20 -24 minutes or however you like them. Half way through flip the fries and continue baking.

The first time I did it that way. The flipping halfway through wasn’t that easy. Even though I liberally oiled the baking sheet, several of the planks stuck. And then some stuck to the other side.

This time, I put a cooling rack over the baking sheet, evenly spread them on that, then baked 27 minutes – till they were done to my liking – without flipping them over. It was a lot easier than flipping each fry halfway through.

Sweet potato fries are by their nature much softer than white potato fries. That’s why they put a thin starch coating on the sweet potato planks – gluten-free of course. Still, they’re not as crunchy as their white counterparts. Still, I like them, Steve likes them, Lilly Belle likes them.

The icing on the cake here is the dip. Wow. When I’m out and about and order French Fries, I most always order chili sauce instead of ketchup or a combination of both. I like horseradish.

With these fries I made a combination of ketchup and Red Beet Horseradish. Just add the horseradish to taste. Besides the color pleasantly startling you, the sweet beet horseradish adds a nuanced dimension that regular white horseradish cannot do.

I strongly recommend you try that combination – using the Red Beet Horseradish. Gia Russa brand uses a fine grate. ‘Eat right out of the jar with nothing else’, kind of superb!


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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