Can’t beat this beef burger made from Plant Protein. Nice everything. I’m impressed!

Makes 3 here (or 6 per pound)

1/2, 16 oz. pkg. froz. Match Meat GROUND BEEF Plant Protein

Make 3 patties about 1/2 inch thick.

Over medium heat, fry in grape seed oil till browned.

Sprinkle garlic powder, smoked paprika, sea salt and black pepper on only one side – the side facing up.

When bottom has browned, flip burger and brown second side – about 4 minutes on first side, then 3 minutes on second side.

Serve on bun with ketchup and sweet onion on one half of bun, and mustard and relish on second half of bun.

That’s how we made ours and that’s how we liked them.

Next time, maybe we’ll do sliced onion, veg mayo, lettuce and tomato. The time after next, maybe warm sweet red roasted peppers and melted cheese.

The texture and flavor were good. Best store bought burger in a while. Steve agreed.

What I liked was they didn’t have that soy aftertaste found in many soy meat products. And no squeaky feel to the tooth – also a plus.

Easy to form, easy to fry, easy to flip.


Check out Match Meats website:

Match Meats are available for sale online at Vegan Essentials:


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