I’ve been buying my mother chocolates from Rose City Chocolatiers every holiday for a while now, yet I never tried them. I just took her word that they were good by the way she talked about savoring each one – and hiding them from view, so she wouldn’t eat them all at once, or have to share them with staff.

Although my mother isn’t vegan, when I buy her food, it is always animal-free. For Father’s day I decided to buy my husband their Father’s Day special – that way I could get to try them too to see just how good they were.

After all the companies I researched online, that sold vegan chocolates, I hit the jackpot the first time with Rose City. They’re not an all vegan company, but they have a large vegan selection.

I love that I can buy my mother beautiful chocolates with no animal in them, that she can savor. And for my husband who loves chocolate, he loved these too!

Check them out. Rose City Chocolates


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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