I don’t get this. A chew toy that is not for consumption. If your dog is chewing it, chances are they are going to be consuming at least bits of it. The company puts a disclaimer on the package saying to discard the chew toy when pieces are bitten off, which means immediately after the dog begins to chew it. That makes no sense. Label it right. Either it’s good for your dog if consumed or it isn’t. If it isn’t, then don’t sell a chew toy that breaks off when chewed.

Lilly made bark dust out of this chew toy in a matter of minutes. So I threw the thing away. Money down the drain.

It says it contains real wood, then it says it contains the smell of wood. Which is it? Both? What kind of wood? Treated wood? Wood board with formaldehyde in it? Is there poison in the wood? What does this company consider toxic?

I want to know the ingredients in this toy. We all have a right to know contents of the products that our family members are chewing or swallowing. Get with the program. How dare you not list the ingredients.

No more chew toys. Buy a white cotton sock and tie it into a ball and give your dog that. Make your own. Refuse to buy a toy that isn’t properly labeled. I don’t care what is required by law. Refuse to do it.

Materials made in the USA, like that matters.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef

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