Currently Baileys Almande AlmondMilk Liqueur is available in only three states: California, Colorado and Texas. These are the test market states. If it goes well there, then they’ll test market other locations – presumably. If it doesn’t go well, then bye-bye vegan Baileys – also presumably. The bottom line is it has to sell for Baileys to continue making it.

A couple days ago we were at a local drink and food spot when one of the vendors who sells to the bar started talking to the bartender about this Baileys vegan drink. The bartender who knows a lot of vegans wants to carry it. But it isn’t available – only in three states.

So we all get into this conversation about Baileys, when the vendor remarks that vegans don’t drink anyway, so what does it matter and frankly why would Baileys even making this product?

I was shocked when I heard this, especially since she had previously commented on how marketing is an exact science these days.

Vegans don’t drink? Are you kidding? Where did that come from? Another stereotype about vegans that isn’t true? I really don’t know where she got that intel, but I was floored. Why would Baileys be making a vegan product if vegans don’t drink? Now that I take a relook at their website, they don’t call it vegan. They say it CONTAINS NO DAIRY along with being GLUTEN-FREE.

So maybe they’re not making it for vegans. Maybe they’re making it for non-dairy and gluten-free people: Those with a dairy and/or a gluten allergy.

THAT’S OKAY. It’s good for the animal either way. But VEGANS DON’T DRINK?

I drink. I’m vegan. Am I the only vegan in the world who drinks? I don’t think so, but this vendor kinda acted like maybe I really wasn’t vegan since I had a greyhound sitting in front of me.

They only sell it in three states, but why not sell online to everybody else? Open the doors. You have the product. You sell your other products online. Sell this one. What are you waiting for, somebody to give you a big cash payout for not making the Baileys Almande?

I’m one vegan with one voice. I want it.

I love the bottle design, by the way.

It’s here in Cleveland, Ohio. And I got a bottle to taste test.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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