Oh my gosh. What? Oh my God – that’s better. Chocolate Puffs? Looking at the package I’m thinking Cocoa Puffs as in cereal, where the chocolate is in the cereal part. And what do I pour into my hand?

Looks like chocolate covered malted balls I used to buy at the 25 cent movies on Sunday as a kid. Felt in the mouth, tasted, and textured to the tooth better than malted balls! I like the malt flavor from years ago, but these are still better – but why not try a malt flavor in the future?

They’re beautiful, big and I want more and more.

Everyone I’m thinking about giving these to for a taste test, I don’t know any more.

I already know what they’d do and say as soon as I said they were vegan. They’d scrunch up their noses and act like the ball was going to bite them as they took one from the package, then they’d say, “not bad”. All the while I’d be laughing inside, knowing they were loving them, but for some odd reason were afraid to say it.

Wall Street needs you. Think big. Expand your reach.

The textures are all great – not too crispy, just enough air, light. Chocolate texture, thickness good, blankets perfectly.

Dark Chocolate and Pink Himalayan Salt, loved it.

Peanut butter wasn’t evident in the chocolate peanut flavor till I read the label and then retried them, then it was there. We’re accustomed to being hit over the head with flavor enhancers and sometimes it’s just too much.

Wow. You did it. Thank you for the pleasure.

I kept them all for myself and my husband recovering from carotid artery surgery.

As I was eating these chocolate coated puffs I was watching in my mind a great movie with a beautiful ending meant just for you and all those you serve with your delicious product. Welcome to: Contains No Animal Products! You got me just where I like to be gotten: Believing in a miracle!


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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