In some locations around the country Starbuck’s coffee is beginning to sell some vegan food items. At one such location in Cleveland, Ohio Steve found these Super Food Bites. COCONUT COOKIES made by emmy’s ORGANICS. Wow, I thought, just when a lady at another Starbuck’s told me vegan items wouldn’t show up in the mid-west any time soon. First they go to the west coast and then work their way slowly east.

Our lucky day in Cleveland! Two flavors too. Vanilla bean and dark cacao. They texture pretty much the same, cookie-fudge-brownie with lots of coconut. Dry, but pleasantly dry, not crumbly dry like a cookie, more crumbly dry like fudge. A delicious little cookie. Satisfying. They have to be when you only get three to a pack for about 3 dollars.

But are they a super food bite? Serving size is one cookie. 100 calories per cookie. 70 calories are from fat. They’re pretty small. So 3 cookies equals 300 calories without the specialty coffee that you’re buying to go with it. I’m assuming this is a snack.

I would buy them again just because they taste so good, not because they’re a super food bite. 300 calories seems like a lot for so little. But so what. It’s a treat. Bring in some more treats Starbuck’s.


Check out their website for more flavors and to buy directly from emmy’s: https://emmysorganics.com

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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