I’ve been meaning to try these puffs, when lo and behold they’re staring me right in the face at Starbuck’s coffee shop just after I had a discussion with the barista about when they’d be getting vegan products in. Guess she didn’t know she had these either, or maybe she thought I was talking strictly about sandwiches and sweets.

It didn’t matter.

I was shocked and delighted when I saw the very product I had posted on Facebook as my next vegan product to try. So the HIPPEAS came to me. Nice!

For years nobody used white cheddar as a cheese flavor – even dairy white cheddar went out of style. Sounded too racist or something. It’s like white American cheese, it was the best American cheese (when I was still eating dairy cheese), but you couldn’t say it, and practically nobody uses it in their restaurants. American cheese is yellow/orange. Period.

Half my family comes from Vermont, so I’m familiar with Vermont flavors.

Puffs are puffs. Vegan puffs are like animal-based puffs. Only Better. More texture without losing its puff appeal.

The white cheddar tasted remarkably like dairy white cheddar flavor – actually more dairy-like than the real dairy cheese flavor. Those old style orange cheese puffs never did taste like real cheese to me way back when I ate them every now and then – at somebody else’s house.

I don’t believe I ever did buy them for myself. I would buy these HIPPEAS ORGANIC CHICKPEA PUFFS for myself.

Since they don’t yet make them in larger bags, other than snack size, I’d have to buy a case for entertaining guests. Maybe it’s better that way. Everybody gets their own small bag.

Nice job HIPPEAS. Will look forward to trying the other flavors. Maple Glaze and Happening’ Hickory are up next.


Order online at amazon.com.

Also visit their website for more flavors and intel: http://hippeas.com

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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