Cleveland sisters Kharisma and Kyra Mayo launch The Vegan Doughnut Company 

Steve found this on this morning. Had no idea they were here. Can’t wait to try them. I love doughnuts. Bagels had their day now it’s the doughnuts day! Welcome to Cleveland Vegan Doughnut Company.

Out-of-the-box flavors like lemon lavender, hibiscus and hot chocolate topped with vegan marshmallows are just a few of the creations by Cleveland sisters Kharisma and Kyra Mayo’s Vegan Doughnut Company.

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Sisters Kharisma and Kyra Mayo grew up watching their dad bake cakes, and it wasn’t long before they wanted to channel their own creativity in the kitchen. Last November, they launched their own start-up, The Vegan Doughnut Company.

“When we went vegan in 2014, we had to start making vegan versions of our favorite desserts because we have huge sweet tooths,” laughs Kharisma.

It all began last summer, when they were out paddle boarding and began talking about the coveted, yet hard-to-find vegan treats. Soon after, they launched the business from their home.

 In just a short time, they’ve garnered such a growing following that they began renting space at the Cleveland Culinary Launch and Kitchen in Midtown. In addition to taking catering orders, they’ll also be vending at the Cleveland Flea this year. Their goal is to one day own their own storefront.

The Mayo sisters bake traditional favorites like glazed and frosted with sprinkles in chocolate and vanilla – but that’s where the conventional ends. Expect out-of-the-box flavors like lemon lavender, hibiscus and hot chocolate topped with vegan marshmallows. Along with their extensive stock of inventive yeast-raised doughnuts, they also create rich cake-based varieties.

With the yeast, you get more of a light, fluffy, airy bread texture,” says Kyra. “The cake doughnuts are moister and heavier.”

Bright flavors like rosewater pistachio are already making a splash among vegans and non-vegans alike.

“The pistachio against the rosewater really balances one another,” says Kyra. “You get the floral of the rosewater and the sweetness of the frosting to complement the pistachio.”

Both Kharisma and Kyra love fruit, offering inspiration for many of their current doughnuts, like their blood orange flavor. They hope to use local fruits – especially strawberries – as they come into season.

There are always the classics, like a cookies and cream doughnut made with their chocolate yeast base, vanilla frosting and Oreo crumbles.

“People rarely know that Oreos are vegan,” says Kharisma. “I like that little surprise you can give the non-vegans.”…

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