I recently saw this commercial, then last night saw it again, and I again reminded myself with a few notes to write something up on it. Upon googling it just now I discovered that it was made in 2014 and this is 2017. I’m wondering how in the world this commercial made a comeback and how in the world did it make it past the scrutiny of African-Americans?

Papa Potato Head comes home from work and finds Mama Potato Head in closet eating potato chips. He closes door and joins her – eating their own out of view of any other Potato Heads.

Black People = Potato Heads

Lay’s Potato Chips targets Blacks who haven’t yet joined the eat healthy and eat compassionately crowd.

Blacks eat their veggies and each other. No other animals for them.

Blacks are cannibals. Guess everybody at Lay’s already knew that. The Blacks were so okay with it, that Lay’s resurrected the commercial.

I’ve seen for years fast food gear up their commercials toward minorities, since the majority were gearing up to more healthy food choices. Might as well get the minorities hooked just like we got the majority hooked before they went all rogue on us.

Lots of Blacks probably like the attention, that now is focused on what they like, what they want to eat. But it’s making lots of them super fat and super unhealthy. A few potato chips means nothing, but when an entire industry tempts minorities with food they know is not good for them, there is an ethics issue and an issue of bias.

As far as I’m concerned, unless you don’t eat animals, you are a cannibal, and Blacks and other minorities are no exception.  The problem is that Lay’s and their for hire Ads people thought to tap into what they considered to be an African secret, without telling the secret, yet told the secret through a Potato Head.

They made a family of Potato Heads. They humanized the potato and dehumanized the Africans. Vegetable eats humans.

Clever. Brilliant to get that much and probably a lot more into a simple Ad.

We had a set of potato heads as kids. It was like dressing up a doll, changing eyes and ears and mouths, I’m not even sure what else. But this commercial did more than activate nostalgic memories of a few old people playing games when they were kids.

There’s a huge debate going on around the world regarding what is food and what is not. Plant vs Animal. Now if you’re going to turn the plant into a human and the human into a plant, then that is some serious manure we’re talking about here.

Remember that Lay’s deals in animal products as well as vegetables, so they have a conflict of interest. They want to have it both ways.

There will come a point when sitting on the fence so you can steal berries from both sides isn’t going to work for you.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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