A perfect soy chicken mixed with celery, onion, carrot and walnuts. Seasoned with sage and coriander. Mixed with fresh cilantro and JUST MAYO. Makes a delightful vegan chicken salad for salad boats or sandwich or on an open-face French baguette appetizer topped with a dill cornichon pickle slice and a spot of mustard! Beautifully executed!

Makes 3 cups

2/3 lb. Delight Soy Vegan Chicken Nuggets

1/3 c. diced onion

1-1/2 c. sliced celery

1 c. peeled grated carrot – slice over large holes of grater

1/2 c. walnut halves and/or pieces

several fresh sage leaves

1 t. ground coriander

sprinkle of ground allspice

dried rubbed sage to taste, about 1 t. or less if ground

fresh grind black pepper

Celtic salt to taste

about 2/3 c. fresh cilantro leaves

veg mayonnaise – I used Just Mayo brand

In food processor combine vegan chicken nuggets, onion, celery, carrot, walnuts and fresh sage. Process till mealy, not mushy.

Transfer to large bowl.

Add coriander, allspice, dried rubbed sage, salt and pepper to taste. Stir to evenly disperse. Cover and let sit in refrigerator a couple of hours.

Remove from refrigerator. Place mixture in center of tofu cloth. Twist and squeeze to remove all excess liquid.

Transfer back to bowl. Add cilantro. Stir to evenly distribute.

Now add as much veg mayonnaise as desired and stir well to coat evenly.

Cover and refrigerate to use as salad on lettuce leaf or in a sandwich or on an open-face French baguette appetizer.

Notes: When purchasing the vegan nuggets in a deli, sometimes they’ll have Mandarin sauce on them, sometimes another Asian sauce or sometimes plain. It doesn’t matter the flavor, as long as you don’t use a lot of sauce. The sauce should only coats the nuggets, which is what we want for this recipe, and which is the way they sell it.

Soy chicken is different from animal chicken in that it doesn’t absorb liquid as easily, so this is why after assembled we let it sit for a couple of hours, then squeeze out any excess liquid through a tofu cloth, so the veg mayo will coat the salad mix better.

Tofu cloth – I cut a big round piece of a white sheer polyester curtain and use that with great results.

Check out the website for Delight Soy:


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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