Sharon-Style Endorsements

Transcription completed 9:27 AM 4 July 2017 and 1:34 PM

Sure we like her style, so of course we copy her words. She could make torture sound stylish.

Yeah, but she doesn’t support torture.

That’s right we do. We use her wordage no matter the product.

Her products never sold – never turned a profit. Why do you think yours will?

Her words fit our lie.

Do you think that will backfire on you?

We’ll see her response.

What if she doesn’t respond?

She always responds – eventually.

You could lose a lot of money in the meanwhile.

Or we could work something out.

She doesn’t negotiate. What if you don’t see her response coming?

We’ll take the hit and go from there. We’ll have arguments ready.

Oh, forgot to tell you, even when she loses (and she almost always does), she wins big in back channels and her opponent loses big out front and out back in unrelated areas. She’s ripe for winning big out front. It’s a question of which battle she’ll pick first. The fight is definitely coming – and it will not be in a court room.

What do you think about the vegan companies copying her words? Even her own people do it to her.

Yeah, vegans too on Facebook. That’s low and with no credit given.

One company even trade marked her words.

One said she’s part of a cause and you give your work over to the cause so everybody in the group can copy and spread it.

Yeah, but they put their name on it not hers. Yeah, that’s because most of them are Jews and she writes about Israel. Jews – and everybody else who goes against her principles.

At least she’s consistent.

Yeah, sometimes to a fault. She always slides back from it though when carried too far. If everybody else did that we wouldn’t have a job.

I think they want more names associated with the cause, so they take her stuff and put a bunch of different names to it, so it no longer belongs to her. Creepy huh?

Yeah. Wow, she’s got a zillion fights to pick from, which one will it be? She’s been sleeping for a while, should be interesting. It always is. What the f___k has she been doing?

Piling work.


Timing. She’s looking for a stretch of time where all she has to do is type and arrange what she already wrote. She packages it, then sends it out to the world. She picks the time and place for all of it. It’s a major production project.

So, it was like she dropped out of the sky for you to use?

Yeah, our prayers answered. We use her own words against her product by using her words on our product. Now I’d say that’s brilliant.

I’d say it’s sneaky. Cut throat.

That’s the business we’re in.

What if she did that to you?

We’d sue her ass. Humiliate her all over the world. She wouldn’t dare do that. Besides, she has enough words. Every time we steal her copy, she writes new copy, changes just like that. She constantly makes up new stuff because we keep stealing her current stuff. She does our work for us.

You sure she’s okay with that?

She’s too old and damaged to care. Like taking candy from a baby. A really old baby.

Do you believe in God?



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