Dairy-Free Yogurts I Don’t Like

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Go back to the drawing board. Why is it that when somebody gets into the dairy replacement manufacturing business, they have to do it all? Do you really think that cheese makers or milk sellers around the globe take that kitchen sink approach to products they intend to sell? No. They don’t. How many dairies out of all the dairies in the world make yogurt? Not many. So why do people who haven’t even gotten the vegan cheese part right yet, think they can move onto yogurt?

Too many companies are putting out product that hasn’t been fully developed, just so they can make a few sales while they finish engineering the one that’s out there. Not a good idea. Not good for business and not good for the integrity of the product.

There are other factors involved in the integrity of a product besides whether an animal was used to produce it. It’s a competitive marketplace and you need more than ‘does not contain animal products’ on the label to survive.

Nancy’s in the dairy business. That company isn’t committed to animal-free and they have no experience with soy, judging by the product they put out. They just want a piece of the vegan market, like many animal-abusing companies do. It’s all about how much money they can make and how quickly they can make it. Not this time Nancy. Not with that product. You failed miserably.

Everybody raves about Kite Hill. At least online. But then, I’m accustomed to some vegans who simply want to support a product because it’s vegan, so they’ll say they love it. What they really mean is they love that you’re trying to do something really good, but realize in their minds and via their taste buds that you aren’t there yet. ‘When is the real product, you know the end result of this experiment, going to be ready for public consumption? Let me know, I’d love to try it’, is what they’re really thinking. Don’t assume that because you have fans, that they love your product. They want to keep you afloat till you produce something much better. Don’t disappoint them.

Daiya. You have enough work to do with your other cheeses – you really do. I’m not blaming you for wanting a piece of everybody’s pie, but this yogurt does not come close to satisfactory, unless you include those people starving around the world who would cut off their arm for a case to feed their family. Greek does not simply mean thick. It failed across the board on everything that counts.

I would not buy any of these dairy-free yogurts again. Maybe in a year or two if I’m feeling adventurous, since I do know that most companies change their formulas often – sometimes so often that they miss the one time that they hit their mark. Improve on the cheeses okay?

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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