Pretzilla Burger Buns


I don’t know why more burger and sandwich joints, especially the smaller ones, don’t use pretzel buns for their burgers. I get mine from a food service store and they contain no animal products. Although they do cost a little more than the cheaper variety that most burger and sandwich joints use, the difference in taste, texture and appearance, that makes a customer remember the sandwich is worth the extra cost – and most people wouldn’t mind paying a few cents more for something they can look forward to having.

The shelf life of this pretzel bun is longer than the cheaper buns and the appearance stays looking good a lot longer than the cheaper counterpart, that gets mushed up with the handling of the package by the line cooks.

But I get it. Whether big or small, owners and managers want to squeeze that penny so hard, the copper pops. It doesn’t matter to them, that for a few cents more they could make more money, draw more people in, and get people talking about the sandwich. They are so programmed to cut costs at any cost, that the ‘maybe’ part of making more money and drawing in more customers gets lost in the translation.

It’s too bad that owners and operators don’t focus more on what the customer likes, rather than on what they make them like at the cost they’re willing to make it for.




Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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