Vegan Parmesan In A Shaker

Vegan Parmesan In A Shaker. And yes, it’s made by Follow Your Heart – the same people who make vegan parmesan shreds.

When I can locate it, I carry the shaker in my purse when going to restaurants that don’t serve vegan cheese and just sprinkle it on anything I like. Nobody says a word about it. In fact, most wait staff are intrigued. So don’t be shy, take it with you.

Now, to another matter. We have a problem in Cleveland, Ohio getting these two great products, because the vendors are unreliable. The stores (at least three that I know of) carry it, and they reorder when they’re out, but it doesn’t show up on the next delivery day or week or week after.  Frankly, we’re tired of asking where it is.

Follow Your Heart needs to step up their efforts and keep a better eye on what their vendors are doing. They could be ruining your business by not delivering the product. Or maybe it’s a problem at the Follow Your Heart level. Maybe you’re not making enough, shipping enough or just lack efficiency. You need to keep the product in the store. Not every so often, but as close as possible to always. The managers are ordering it. So where is it? Heinen’s is one of those places where they’re having difficulty getting the orders filled. So get on it – so we can rely on these two great products being available when we want them.

Otherwise, we’ll stop wanting your product. It’s too much work to be your  word of mouth advertisers, then your ‘follow the product’ people to see where it’s going or why it’s not being delivered. We’re not your charity workers. Fix the problem.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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