Bourdain Chopped By Animal-Free Chef

Anthony switches from porn humor in his earlier shows to bathroom, bowel humor in his latest to keep the audience occupied with his bodily functions as they watch Parts Unknown.

Maybe it’s his age. I don’t know and I don’t care. Until, that is, he accuses Hillary Clinton of reacting too slowly to credible reports of sexual misconduct by long time friend and campaign and foundation contributor, Hollywood Oligarch Harvey Weinstein.

Yes, she did – wait too long.

But so did Anthony Bourdain. He is after all, as a supporter of porn, woven into the fabric of sexual humiliation.

Would he want to see his daughter in that fabric?

Was it because Weinstein is Jew or democrat?

On this particular Parts Unknown show, with Chef Daniel Boulud in Lyon, France, he made reference to sex with farm animals more than once. It was offensive.

Anthony Bourdain has often referred to vegans as terrorists on his shows. Maybe some of them are. Maybe PETA is controlled by government forces. But we can all safely say, just as Muslims aren’t all terrorists, neither are vegans.

Why give back donated money? I’ll take it if the animal rights organizations say no. Why punish the animals for a human’s bad behavior?

It’s sad to say that PETA, along with most vegans operating on Facebook, historically left out the ethical treatment of humans. They often respond to those committing acts of enslavement, torture and slaughter against other species by stating a desire to commit the same acts of enslavement, torture and slaughter against the offenders.

It doesn’t matter if it’s legal to commit such barbaric acts against those who can’t vote. It’s wrong. And it’s wrong to say you support all other animals, except the human species.

It’s easy to see though how one becomes prejudiced against those who are prejudiced. To discriminate (next stop after prejudice) against those who are prejudiced is a prejudice and a discrimination in itself. Although both are understandable, neither are justified – reactionary or not.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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