Force-Feeding Labels

The reason why food companies and manufacturers won’t tell you what’s under the natural flavoring label is because it’s bad news. They want to trick you into eating animals, even if it’s a rat hair, which by the way, appears in most products along with mites and a lot of other microscopic stuff that even they can’t see.

So absent the hair, what other part of any animal do you add to your product?

Bones, teeth, genitals, eyeballs? Tell us. Hormones, blood? Yeah we know about the hair. That’s not the issue here. We do want to know what you’re force-feeding us by not telling us what’s under the natural flavoring label – even if you think it’s too little for us to care.

Yeah. But it’s not too little for you to hide, is it?

You, the manufacturer and food company, are forcing us to consume something we may or may not want. That’s a decision only we make – we the people make, individually deciding what each one of us wants to eat or not eat.

If it’s for sale in a market, then we have that right to demand and know exactly what we’re paying for. Show me what law, who wrote it and who voted to pass it.

If you’re worried that some other company will be able to replicate your recipe by exposing the ingredients under the natural flavoring label, then simply put under the natural flavoring label: CONTAINS NO ANIMAL PRODUCTS or CONTAINS ANIMAL PRODUCTS.

Actually, no one has the right to hide any ingredient in any recipe/formula made for public consumption.

Even if everybody’s researchers can replicate everybody else’s products, at least there will be transparency, and maybe what will sell one company’s product over another company’s exactly replicated product is customer service, availability and price.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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