Mizkan Rolls Out Guilt-Free Ragu Pasta Sauce

TAFC Note: What does guilt-free mean? Okay, Mom doesn’t have to feel guilty using a jarred pasta sauce, because the ingredients are “wholesome”. Except of course for the “meat flavored” variety, which doesn’t tell you what kind of animal the sauce is actually flavored with. Regardless of the species or breed there is lots of guilt in that particular jar of Ragu.

Ragu traditionally means ground meat in some version of a tomato sauce, also traditionally used over pasta.

Chunky Marinara, Chunky Garden Vegetable, Flavored With Meat and Traditional are the flavors.

Only one with animal flavor. That’s good news, since most companies offer one animal-free option with all the others containing the animal.

The other good news is that MIZKAN is moving away from the tradition of meat in Ragu sauces. The meat/flesh of the vegetable still qualifies as meat. Now that’s wholesome.

The price is low. Recommended $2.19 for 24 ounces.

I haven’t tried it, since I just got this news today.

Check out their website and store locator.  https://www.ragu.com/our-sauces/ragu-simply/

I did and if they’re right, I should be able to obtain the Simply RAGU at Giant Eagle supermarkets.

Mizkan America Inc. is rolling out Ragu Simply Pasta Sauces. Made with wholesome ingredients, the jarred shelf-stable pasta sauce makes for a quick-and-easy homemade-like meal.

To explore the impact and stress of the busy back-to-school season on weeknight mealtime, the brand team connected with 1,000 moms across America and learned that the majority of moms polled (52 percent) said they feel more stress during this season when compared to the summer.

Additionally, three-out-of-four moms are worried about the ingredients in their children’s diets, including those they don’t recognize, especially added sugar and artificial ingredients.

The new line is designed to ease their concerns, as it is made with California vine-ripened tomatoes, 100 percent olive oil, carrots, onions and other whole-food ingredients and contains no added sugar, artificial colors, artificial flavors or high-fructose corn syrup.

The four varieties are: chunky marinara, chunky garden vegetable, flavored with meat and traditional.

All but the meat variety are Non-GMO Project Verified.

The 24-oz. glass jars have a suggested retail price of $2.19…

FINISH READING: Mizkan Rolls Out Guilt-Free Ragu Pasta Sauce


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