Maple Syrup Shots

All you need is:

1 – a shot glass (sparkling clean)

2- a sugared rim

3- a shot of Grade A maple syrup, room temperature or chilled

I’ll have a “123”. That’s code for maple syrup absent the alcohol.

A maple shot please.

You mean…

Yes, maple syrup. Now that’s an ice-breaker that gets everybody talking.

Lots of people go to bars and taverns who don’t drink or who quit. Why not make them happy? Too much sugar in a shot? Not for me it isn’t. Let’s get the diabetics in on this developing debate.

But why? Why do we have to produce everything so that a diabetic can consume it? They drink alcohol; this is for those who don’t. And for those who do, who want something sweet without the alcohol for the purpose of prolonging their alcohol high.

Or let’s just get high on maple syrup. It must be real. One hundred percent from the tree sap.

Liquor companies attempt to make maple flavored spirits, but it never works. Put the maple syrup in the drink – on rocks or straight up, however you like. Not at the factory/distiller level, at the bar/restaurant/tavern level.

Add some non-dairy nog or creamer and you’re making the White Russian people envious. No bourbon. Use whiskey or rum. No vodka.

I can see only one problem. You probably couldn’t keep it in stock. Employees would steal it and sell it on the street at half the price. Boosting Grade A maple syrup! It’s in.

Others will take a hit every time they open the bottle for a customer. One for them, one for you. People won’t get suspicious, because you the ‘tender won’t be acting drunk.

No kidding, try it, then wonder why nobody sells it, except in a bottle at a grocery or specialty store.

The demand might be higher than the producers could provide. Something to think about.

I can see ‘tenders trying to dilute it with Aunt Jemima-style syrup. This could be big. If I can already see the corruption possibilities I know you can to, which means it has lucrative potential.

I’m in.

I’d also try mixing a little pink Himalayan salt in with the sugar for the rim. Not much.

Oh, and 2 exact drops of liquid smoke in the syrup.

M-m-m. I want one now, just writing about it. And looking at it makes me thirsty for maple syrup. Alright, hungry for maple syrup. I’m hungry for liquid.

NO. You can’t have any pancakes!! Pretzels maybe.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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