Contains No Animal Products

The word PRODUCT.

There are many definitions and uses for the word ‘product’.

Most manufacturers at this time are not going to put on their labels ‘contains no animals’. But that’s what I’m working toward. Right now the goal is ‘contains no animal products’. It’s straight forward in a language people understand.

No matter the species, once the carcass of the animal undergoes a process for sale, it is referred to as a product. I test animal-free products. People know what that means. 

Imagine a label that reads: Contains no flesh, no blood, no animal hormones, no milk. Bone, how about bone? And which animal does it contain? Jews and Muslims don’t want pig, but they’ll go for the other animals. Unless it’s an allergen it’s difficult to get specific – and labels just aren’t big enough. 

A manufacturer won’t put on their product label ‘contains no secretions’, because the word turns people away. Besides, even flesh contains secretions.

Contains no animal products covers a wide range, meaning no part of any animal from any species.

How would this sound? I test flesh and bone and secretion-free products? Then you’ve got to get the hair in there. I prefer ‘contains no animal’. But in the marketing world people are accustomed to the word product. And I’m trying to sell the world on food preparations that don’t contain any part of the animal to the best of my knowledge.

I also develop animal-free products. I in no way feel that I am disrespecting the animals I have lived my life to serve, by referring to a food preparation as containing no animal products (which means any part of any animal). Products are also services. Even a person many times will be referred to as a package.

What will work now to get me to a better place in the future without having to make major changes in wordage? In pursuing change, the closer you start to where you want to be, the quicker it takes to reach the goal.

Changing the word ‘product’ to ‘flesh and secretions’ is doomed to fail, except when discussing ideology and agendas. 

A product denotes a process of preparation that gets something ready for sale. The finished product.

Contains No Animal. Contains No Animal Products. Contains No Animal. Animal-Free. Yeah, I am definitely sticking with the animal. Better to be in your face and honest, than hiding behind vague, sanitized labels.

Is an insect an animal? YES.

Fish? YES.

Chicken? YES.

Liver? YES.

Hair? YES.

Feathers? YES.

POOP? It contains animal cells plus waste. If a person collects it and makes jewelry out of it, then it’s an animal product.

Semen? Humans sell their semen, which is produced by the body, which makes it an animal product.

Milk? The body produces milk, which makes it an animal product. Humans sell their milk as a product.


If it’s for sale it’s a product. If it’s produced it’s a product. That’s the way the marketplace works. Merchants needed a word that denoted something or somebody for sale. Product evidently came to mind. ‘Goods’ probably came first. Preparing something or someone for market.

Yes, words matter, but focusing on minutia designed to sideline or railroad hinders rather than facilitates. It’s used as a stumbling block by an opponent.

Product defined: A product can be a service or an item. It can be physical or in virtual or cyber form. Every product is made at a cost and each is sold at a price. The price that can be charged depends on the market, the quality, the marketing and the segment that is targeted.”

1-Commercially manufactured articles, especially recordings, viewed collectively.

2-An article or substance that is manufactured or refined for sale.

3-A substance produced during a natural, chemical, or manufacturing process.

4-A thing or person that is the result of an action or process.

5-A person whose character and identity have been formed by a particular period or situation.”

Like it or not, animals are a huge part of the manufacturing process.

Removing the ‘product’ label from the animal at this point in time or even in the near future, in effect is saying that they are not subject to the manufacturing process. That would be a denial of the enslavement torture slaughter that they endure as a result of that process.

Although animal-free was never intended to instill fear, it had that effect on the Slaughter Industries. It scares them that animal-eaters will start regarding eating animals as an addiction that needs to be overcome or even treated.

Madison Avenue is like Wall Street, they also scare easily. How do we sell a product associated by wordage with addiction? An addiction that causes heart disease, vascular disease, kidney disease, diabetes, cancer with many animal faces attached? They want a neutral label for products without animals in them – but only because they still sell animals. Financially, they want the best of both worlds.

However, ‘contains animals or contains no animals’ is  more clear. Plant-based was their wordage of choice. That will change since they left the door open for containing animals. Plant-based doesn’t necessarily mean 100 percent plant-based. Fifty-one percent made of plants would still be accurately called plant-based.

Yeah, we need the word ‘product’ in order to more easily raise awareness by comparison – for now.

We have two products here. One doesn’t have a brain and the other screams in pain. Which one should we let go? The apple or the animal?

Hopefully we make the right choice this time.

Let the animal be free.


If it’s processed, then it’s an animal product. We keep the word animal in to leave an impression regarding the animal. I don’t need to leave an impression regarding plants, though I also at times use the phrase plant-based.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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