Why DuPont is expanding its plant-based protein nugget line | Food Dive



Why DuPont is expanding its plant-based protein nugget line


Cathy Siegner


March 14, 2019

Dive Brief:

DuPont Nutrition & Health has introduced six different plant protein nuggets to its Supro and Trupro product range containing more protein or less sodium. According to Food Business News, the new ingredients are available in different formats and textures and can be used in snacks, cereals, nutrition bars and toppings.

The company’s Supro Nuggets contain 80% soy protein and less than 120 milligrams of sodium per 100 grams. The Trupro Nuggets contain 70% pea protein and are non-GMO, the company said.

“These new nuggets broaden our range of plant protein options that drive high protein content and unique textures,” said Jean Heggie, strategic marketing lead, said in a release. “Our plant-based nuggets help manufacturers differentiate their brands with improved nutritional profiles and exceptional eating experiences.

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Dive Insight:

Plant-based ingredients are just about guaranteed to inspire interest from manufacturers and consumers as one of the hottest trends in the food and beverage industry. Wrapping all these attributes into one package is likely to attract notice for DuPont from a range of product manufacturers and companies looking to check some or all of these boxes — crunch, convenience, snacking, protein, low sodium and plant-based.

Plant-based and protein-enriched are two elements that can work well together in products because combining both types of ingredients can help satiate, act as a meal replacement and supply important nutrients, particularly for the growing number of people looking beyond meat and dairy sources for their protein…

FINISH READING: Why DuPont is expanding its plant-based protein nugget line | Food Dive


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