123 tons of breakfast foods may contain rocks

246,000 pounds of frozen breakfast wraps recalled as they may contain small rocks

Tanya Edwards,Yahoo Lifestyle

El Monterey brand frozen breakfast wraps are being recalled to the tune of more than 246,000 pounds. The wraps, which are sold nationwide, are being recalled over fears the bacon may be contaminated with extraneous materials, including small rocks.

How do rocks get into bacon, and thus breakfast wraps? It’s not really clear. What does seem clear is that someone ate rocks and complained.

The USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) states that, “The problem was discovered on June 14, 2019, when Ruiz Foods advised FSIS of three consumer complaints regarding foreign material in the wrap products. The firm continues to investigate the source of the foreign material.”

Ruiz Foods apparently received a report of a potential injury and alerted the FSIS immediately, triggering the recall. The FSIS has received no additional reports of injury or illness from consumption of these products. They stress to see a doctor if you’re concerned you’ve consumed a contaminated product.

Worried you might have some of the contaminated product in your freezer? According to FSIS, you’ll want to check your freezer for 8-Pack family size film packages containing “EL MONTEREY EGG, POTATO, BACON & CHEESE SAUCE BREAKFAST WRAPS” with “Best if Used By” dates of 01/17/2020 and 01/18/2020 and lot codes 19017 and 19018.

Source: 123 tons of breakfast foods may contain rocks

By Sharon Lee Davies-Tight

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