Stella Artois Cidre

Yes, Stella Artois Cidre is made from apples not beer. Who would know? Everybody but me I guess.

At least in the USA when people speak of cider, they mean apple cider. Certain conditions need to be met to ferment a fruit that’s used for an alcohol beverage, and apples are it.

Different companies add other fruit flavors to low quality apples, but the apples are still the base.

Stella Artois uses what appears to be three different types of apples in their alcohol cider: green, red, yellow.


Pairs a soft, apple-y sweetness with a crisp dryness.


As bubbly as the personalities on your blanket.


The perfect partner for any alfresco gathering.

I didn’t order it; Steve did. He’s big on cider – non-alcohol cider. Drinks a lot of it. Stella Artois being one of his favorite beers, he gave it a try. When I read the above advert on their site, it was just about what Steve said about this beverage: “Tastes like apple, sweet and dry, but not too sweet.”

Yes, he will try it again. Maybe I will next time too.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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