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Medical Marijuana Flower – Best Prices

Ohio Tenth (2.83 grams): Pure Ohio Wellness for $22 @ Pure Ohio Wellness

5.66 grams: Ohio Clean Leaf for $58 @ Ohio Cannabis Company

8.49 grams: Firelands Scientific for $85 @ RiSE (Lorain & Toledo)

Half ounce of shake: Cresco Labs for $81/$90 @ Bloom Medicinals – Painesville Bloom Medicinals – Columbus

Half ounce of “popcorn buds”: Ohio Clean Leaf for $120 @ Ohio Cannabis Company

Medical Marijuana Tinctures – Best Prices

Grow Ohio

220 mg: About Wellness OhioBuckeye Botanicals, The Botanist (Canton & Wickliffe), and Bloom Medicinals for $60

440 mg: Ohio Valley Natural Relief for $95

Medical Marijuana Edibles – Best Prices

Grow Ohio

Gummies: Terrasana – Garfield Heights for $55

Standard Wellness

Gumm-Ease: Bloom Medicinals, RiSE (Lorain & Toledo), The Forest, and Buckeye Botanicals for $45

Gibsonburg Gummies: RiSE – Lorain & RiSE – Toledo for $50

Buckeye Relief

Wana-Brand Gummies: Generally available for $46

Medical Marijuana Concentrates – Best Prices

Grow Ohio

Oil syringes: About Wellness Ohio for $99

Standard Wellness

Oil syringes: About Wellness Ohio for $135

Manna-Brand Transdermal Patches: Generally available for around $8-$10 for the 11 mg (THC) option, $17-$19 for the 21 mg (THC) patch, and $55-$60 for a 5-pack.

Wellspring Fields

Wax (Crumble, Budder, Live Resin): Generally available for around $89 (for 0.88 grams) or $120 for larger option (1.76 grams)

Buckeye Relief

Kief: Generally available for $37 or $60 for larger option

Cure Ohio (cokoh)

Concentrate Vape Cartridges: RiSE – Cleveland for $75


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