Hilary’s SUPER CAULIFLOWER VEGGIE BURGERS. They advertise as the world’s greatest veggie burger.

The burger textures more like a mashed potato patty. The cauliflower was difficult to find. It needs more of a binding component. It mashed with a fork really easily. I didn’t put it on a bun. It would have been a waste.

There was little if any flavor. The texture was actually offensive, being that it had a powdery aspect to it even after pan-fried in oil.

The cauliflower attracted me originally and I thought it a good idea, but it just wasn’t executed well with this burger. The entire recipe needs to be reworked.

Make it a cauliflower burger without all those other veggies in it. Cauliflower has a good texture if you don’t over cook it, or cut it too small.

If you’re going to call it a burger, you need a chewy texture. It feels like the cauliflower was mashed.

The dog ate them.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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