Daiya Blue Cheeze Dressing Salad

What a surprise this blue cheeze dressing made by daiya turned out to be. Surely a blessing for the cows and goats who suffer under conditions of forced laborious enslavement manhandled everyday, impregnated once a year, just so humans could make cheese from their milk. A delicacy, hardly a necessity.

No, they do not willingly give humans their bodies to exploit for profit or for any other reason. They own their bodies. We own our bodies. There is no difference, except the way we categorize and judge worthiness of individuals and groups.

With that being said, daiya currently makes the most delicious blue cheeze dressing on the planet – better than cow or goat or any other animal-based blue cheese.

The downside is that it’s expensive, approximately one cup ranges from $4.99-9.00 per bottle.

The upside is that the dressing is thick and emollient enough for a small amount to thoroughly coat what you’re covering and still emerge as a prominent flavor in the dish. That’s the point of blue cheese, any blue cheese.

In addition, because of it’s strong flavors, you don’t need much. Spoon a Tablespoon on top of what you’re serving and a little goes a long way.

I did just that with a RED WINE TOMATO SAUCE with FRENCH Baguette Slices. The addition of just a little bit, popped the sauce right off the table.

The same went when I paired it with AFC CHICK LIVER PATE also served with fresh French Baguette Slices. Daiya BLUE CHEESE DRESSING was made for this pate. It made it sing. The flavors of both perfectly matched to create a new taste experience

So yeah, I’m sold. Buy me some more Steve; I can think of all kinds of ways to lower the fat content and still enjoy the pungent punch of this savory creation..

I say to daiya. Don’t tinker with this recipe\formula. It’s perfect.

Sometimes I tire of so many ingredients in a salad, especially a lettuce salad. More often now, I’m enjoying just lettuce and tomatoes with a fine dressing. This blue cheeze dressing makes me not miss any of the other doo-dad ingredients we so often include in a garden variety salad.


Creamy, mild, texturally fine grind, plant replica of chicken liver pate. Hit all the notes! Makes a lot, holds up well in the refrigerator! Served with assorted crackers, cranberry sauce, caramelized onion and mustard!

Makes 3 cups

Top your favorite marinara or pasta sauce with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and a spoonful of daiya BLUE CHEEZE DRESSING. Over the top savory! Serve with fresh French baguette sticks. A red wine and garlic tomato sauce with basil goes especially well!

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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