Whadya Think About Those Caraway Seeds In An English Muffin?

My self told me in various ways to look up caraway seeds. I’ve been wanting to put THEM into recipes lately for no reason known to me. Why the sudden fascination with caraway seeds?

Although I’m a big fan of rye bread, include the seeds please, I rarely buy it, and when I do, a third of it ends up in the freezer-stale-bread-compartment to be used for crumbs or stuffing at a later date. 

Rye toast is the best. I wish they’d make a rye English muffin. What’s wrong with Britain? They’re so out of touch with imagination. Do they have rye English muffins in Britain? Why do they call the muffins English? 

I started boycotting the Almighty BAGEL because Israeli Jews won’t let go of the Palestinians nor the Palestinian lands the Jews covet as their international HOLY STATE, and also because they won’t remove the poppy seeds from the mish-mash bagel that get pregnant women in trouble with the law and consequently lose their babies to family services, because they’re blood tests come back positive for opioids when they enter the hospital to deliver their babies.

I should leave a letter out of BAGEL, so the Jew God can’t see it, like the Jewish people do, so God can’t see them writing about God. Everything’s always in the closet with them, lest God see or hear what they’e really doing in God’s name.

Let’s see. G-D or G_D = GOD. 


Steve’s a bagel guy, but he knows he cannot bring a bagel into the house – not until the Palestinans are freed from Israeli occupation. No one does that in this day and age – force an entire people off their lands. No rolley polley toys for Lilly either. She plays with them. That’s the past.

I’m not looking for a rye bagel. I’m looking for a rye English muffin.

I’m also still looking for the black Russian crackers. 

Did you know that Russia has an African minority base? Born, raised and who speak and write the Russian language? Why don’t I see any black Russians in America? Maybe they don’t exist here. They’d have to migrant or immigrate from Russia, and to do that they’d have to have access to state secrets for the American government to let them in.

That makes me wonder if all those immigrants forcing their way into the USA from South Of The Border countries claiming mob cartel/gang are out to kill them, are in possession of mob cartel/gang secrets? If not, then why would the USA let them in and not the black Russian with nothing to offer in the way of spy material?

You don’t know – I don’t know. 

One might think that with fifteen plus million informants in the USA from South Of The Border, that we would have all the information required to eradicate these social pariahs who come to America to assimilate into mob cartel/gang demographics. Yes? No?

How about a rye tortilla? Possible? You bet.

How about a black Russian tortilla with tequila and cashew milk in it? Possible? You bet.

  • Representatives of African peoples in the Russian language are commonly called negry.[3] The word negr comes from the Spanish: negro through other European languages (German: Neger, French: nègre). In the Russian language the word does not carry a negative connotation.[4][3 Wikipedia

  • Actually the English muffin was invented by Samuel Bath Thomas in New York City around 1880. For him to call it English, it must have resembled something he remembered from the old English country he left for an adventure in America.

You see, I want Britain to make the rye English Muffin. Heck, go ahead and throw in the Black Russian Muffin too, if the Russians won’t do it. I’m okay with that. Prove to me, yes me, that the British currently are in possession of IMAGINATION and creativity and engineering skills.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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