Nice! Pretzel Nuggets

Too much salt, not enough peanut butter. I didn’t know the peanut butter was there till Steve pointed it out. Then I had to search for it in the chew.

With the crunch of the salt plus pretzel the peanut butter seemed nonexistent.

I understand that the peanut butter can’t be creamy when wrapped in a pretzel nugget, since the pretzel is fragile and they’re all in the bag bumping up against each other, not like chocolates in their own seats.

So, more is what is needed – in my chew experience.

The SEARCH FIND DELIGHT method of sales could work if the find is both a surprise and spectacular. I know it’s only a snack, but that attitude isn’t helpful in the sales department. Not that you have it. I’m speaking to everybody here.

It was only a surprise to me after Steve told me it was there – the peanut butter – and I hadn’t noticed, even though I chew carefully, not like Steve who devours food.

I experienced disappointment instead of delight. And disbelief that there really was peanut butter in the center.

The only reason Steve knew there was peanut butter there is because he bought them and read it on the packaging.

Now, on the package that I subsequently read and bought by the way, after I tasted them, because our dog daughter loved them so much, says Satisfaction 100% Guaranteed.

Well, I’m not satisfied, though I would put them out if I had them – a few cases to distribute to the Seniors in the Senior residence where I live on the Edge in Cleveland, Ohio. There’s about 300 plus of us if you include all those who aren’t actually registered to live here, but frequent the place often – of all ages, so there’s a good sampling of the community right under my nose.

However, I did find another use for these pretzel nuggets filled with hard peanut paste rather than butter.

  • The package suggests creamy because you called the peanuts, butter.

Oh, and by the way, the pretzel was a good chew, not too hard, not too crumbly. You of course can’t cut them in half, as the picture on the package suggests, so I’m guessing those pictures on the package are a rendition by an artist, not the real thing.

As you can see by the photos I took the time to cut a couple nuggets open to view and taste the peanut filling. The filling is hard, which explains why I didn’t know it was there. It matched too closely to the pretzel in texture. There appeared to be enough of it, just not enough contrast between the filling and the pretzel to notice it much.

I didn’t chop the pretzel. I did a clean cut and it crumbled quite a lot as the photo shows.

Not a single nugget was broken in the bag, in 3-4 bags that we opened, which suggests that you could use more filling and soften it up a bit. You might want to try flavoring the peanut paste with a little cinnamon or maple to offset the big salt flavor.

The filling can be pasty and creamy without leaking, more like a peanut truffle. It wouldn’t take a lot of correction to what you already have.

Now to get to what I did with these pretzel nuggets:





I even used the pie crust mixture with chocolate added to make a topping for the pie.

And you’ll never guess what I used in the filling. You wouldn’t guess in a million years.

Nice! brand Sesame Cashews – our dog also loves these.

This is like no cream pie you ever experienced. Yet somehow it all seems so familiar. A rough and tumble cream pie? Is that even possible? With the animal-free chef, anything is possible!

Two egg-free dairy-free nogs, banana, sesame cashews, brown sugar and vanilla, blended and cooked like a pudding. Peanut butter pretzel nuggets and coconut made into a crust with only melted margarine. YES. To all of it!

Serves 6-9

Don’t tell me I don’t love you!

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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