Nesquik Debuts New Vegan Chocolate Oat Milk

NESQUIK DEBUTS NEW VEGAN CHOCOLATE OAT MILKThe new ready-to-drink GoodNes beverage is made from oat milk and pea protein. 


DECEMBER 28 2019

Nesquik, Nestle’s popular chocolate milk and drink mix brand, is debuting its first plant-based oat milk drink called GoodNes.

The new ready-to-drink beverage is made from a blend of oat milk and pea protein—a mixture the company says it developed specifically to match up to the nutritional profile of dairy milk—and boasts six grams of protein and 40 percent less sugar than chocolate almond milk. 

The beverage has appeared on Walmart’s website with full nutritional information, but is not yet orderable.

The new drink comes at a time when the popularity of oat milk is at an all-time high, finding its way into yogurts, energy drinks, and even beauty products.

Source: Nesquik Debuts New Vegan Chocolate Oat Milk | VegNews

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