Are insects the food of the future?

Are insects the food of the future?

“Advocates argue that the aversion to consuming bugs is largely cultural, since about 2 billion people worldwide eat them regularly. Offering insects in more appealing forms, such as bars or powders, could be a way to overcome the “ick factor.” “

  • The real reason these stories are popping up in news feeds of Americans is that countries, specifically in Africa, want to sell their products to countries who don’t eat insects. So the USA government is going to force-feed them to Americans unbeknownst to them, then say aha, you’ve been eating them all along.

African countries need money, so why not sell insects? That’s all you’ve got to offer the world to build your economies – insects? A continent overflowing with natural resources gives the world insects? We’ve got our own insects. We don’t need yours.

Don’t we have enough food allergens to worry about? Now we introduce hard shell insects to the mix?

I say, make something of value. Something we like. We don’t want to return to the cave. Why should you want to stay in it while we pay the price?

I guarantee that the politicians making these trade deals won’t be eating insects for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

So, the logic here is that 2 billion people in the world eat them, so we should too? Yeah, maybe that’s why 2 billion people in the world are always sick. What ever happened to progress?

They say, you sell us cows, we sell you insects in return. That’s the trade deal I’m only imagining is true. Sounds like a con to me. Live exports of cows. I wonder if they’ll live-export insects in return?

Just because some insects show up in our food while processing it, doesn’t mean we should start factory farming insects. Rat hairs can be found in peanut butter; does that mean other countries with huge rat populations should be live-exporting rats to us, because we already technically eat them, because a few hairs end up in the food?

NO. Find a better way to feed the planet.

To argue that American’s negative view of eating insects is cultural-based is to imply that those who consume insects do so because their culture, and not their circumstance, dictates it.

So keep your culture to yourself and stop imposing it on those who do not agree nor want to participate.

I’ll bet in the poor regions where these 2 billion people can be found, that they would prefer plant food to insects any day of the week.

For the writer of that article, or whoever contributed to it, to suggest treating Americans or any other country that doesn’t trade in insects, like children by disguising the insects in other more appealing foods, that the “ick” factor could be overcome doesn’t understand what freedom to choose means.

Anyone or entity, who knowingly and willingly hides ingredients in any food product for the purposes of appeasing foreign governments or for any other reason, at the expense of unknowing citizens should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law for tampering with the food supply.

It’s time don’t you think, to legislate laws to protect the American consumer against lies, omissions and unclean products entering our food supply.

These alarmists making people think we need to go back to the Dark Ages to survive in the present age have only money from American pockets on their minds, otherwise they would produce a product of value that Americans will gladly purchase without having to be tricked into buying it by disguising it.

It’s strange that these are the very people who go hysterical and burn villages if you try to change their cultural habits, but are all too ready to change the cultural habits of everybody else on the planet to suit their demands.

Clean up your countries and grow plants like everybody else and feed your own people. But no. Everybody is a king or a queen or a tribal lord on the take on the make, scheming 24/7 how to steal money and treasure rather than working for a better life – like everybody else had to do.

Bed bugs too? Are bed bugs being factory-farmed or is the government going to tell those who have them in high rise public housing just to eat them, so they don’t have to issue them food stamps? Eat the blood? how will you advertise them? Get your vitamin B12 the natural way, from humans via bed bugs?

NO TO INSECTS IN MY FOOD hidden from view or not.

SOURCE: Are insects the food of the future?

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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