Stop Making Ritualistic Slaughter Part Of Your Religions



TA-FC Clipboard: The reason Jews give for not stunning an animal before slaughter is that the stun gun produces fear, and that fear releases ‘poisons’ into the animal’s bloodstream (chemicals and hormones not wanted by orthodox Muslims and Jews in the animals they’re about to eat).

These religious peoples think fear-releasing chemicals and hormones produced by stunning animals prior to slaughter ‘poison’ the human eating the animal whom they are about to consume. In other words, they don’t want to ‘eat their fear’.

Muslims and Jews evidently don’t think that rounding animals up, pushing them into massive cages, dragging them through the mud, forcing them into tanks that hold them still, while they wrangle to be free, or hanging them by their legs, as they violently thrash to be free before the actual slaughter by throat-slitting, doesn’t produce a fear response.

The resistance itself proves the fear.

Nervous systems are designed to protect animals from predators via the ‘fight or flight’ response.

Once in cages they can’t fight or flee, nor are they fast enough on the ground to flee from humans with an arrow or a gun. Traps are often set where targeted animals roam close to home to catch them unawares.

So yes, the Jews and Muslims who demand non-stun slaughter, out of fear that they would be eating the ‘poisons’ generated by the ‘fear response’ of another animal, were ‘eating their fear’ all along.

Hmm. So they do believe animals have a fear response of fight or flight in response to a threat and in response to pain.

So why does the world keep appeasing the human predator? Because humans more powerful and cunning than the other animals on the planet. Humans drive without a conscience, because the entire world,  engages in some form of enslavement, torture and slaughter.

THE RSPCA is calling for a ban on non-stun slaughter to prevent “unnecessary suffering” for millions of animals.

Source: RSPCA calls for BAN on non-stun slaughter – ‘It causes UNNECESSARY SUFFERING’ | UK | News |

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