By The Case

Rather than go out to the store to buy only two bottles at once, why not buy a few cases to cut back on store visits?

Lucky’s Market where we shop is limiting tofu to two per customer. All that really does is increase the number of store visits for people who use tofu as a staple protein in their diets.

If all the warehouses are full according to the government, then why not allow grocery stores to stock their coolers and shelves? What are they saving it for? Or are they already in food-rationing mode anticipating worse case scenarios?

Is FEMA doing another Katrina on all of us – saving product for other catastrophic events? FEMA has warehouses full of old product from years ago, that they decided to hoard, after people donated for Katrina victims.

And where are these so-called warehouses? In other countries? People deserve to know the reasoning behind the decisions being made on their behalf.

It seems that the government has locked down isopropyl alcohol. With bedbug season coming up, people need to be using alcohol to wipe down clothing, bags, anything on their person upon entering the house after being outside – especially those who take public transportation or go to the markets.

How about all those delivery vehicles and the people driving them? When bedbugs hit, they appear everywhere. Ambulances, taxis, buses, doctor offices, hospitals, stores and on and on. They go airborne with the air currents.

They don’t need wings to fly – as long as the air moves, they move with it. We were all told to use alcohol to kill them. Now what? They’ll tell us to use soap and water instead? If it worked, I would have been doing it.

So, if the warehouses are full of isopropyl alcohol, then why can’t We The People buy it? We’re not asking for a hand-out. We’ll pay, but not at gouging prices. I thought a law was passed prohibiting gouging?

What happened? The lawmakers passed it knowing they couldn’t enforce it – for the purpose of temporary appeasement? They didn’t really think that the gougers would self-regulate themselves did they? Now that would be naive. And stop telling us to use vodka instead. Is that recommendation coming from the liquor industry?

I have four bottles, but having to spray down my husband when he returns from essential work after being on public transportation, it won’t last long.

I have one hundred masks that just arrived. Those won’t last long either. The same with gloves. We’re going to run out.

It seems there are too many special interests being satisfied during this coronavirus crisis and too little being done for the populace. The rich people will get what they need and the rest of us are told to wash our hands instead.

When we get our government issued stimulus checks, are we going to be able to buy isopropyl alcohol, masks, gloves – the items that We The People need to help keep us safe?

Are vegans going to be able to buy vegan food, or is the slaughter industry driving some of these shortages, hoping that vegans will start eating the slaughtered victims again? Not this vegan, but I’m sure the animal-meat industry has already war-gamed that scenario in favor of themselves.

Open those warehouses the government keeps bragging are full and stock the shelves.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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