I did some rearranging of our living space and made a SANITIZING STATION near the front door.

SANI PROFESSIONAL wipes for all surfaces, including countertops, furniture, doors and handles, computers, phones and remotes.

Isopropyl alcohol in a spray bottle. Hand sanitizer in a pump bottle. hydrogen Peroxide in a spray bottle. WITCH HAZEL in a bottle – that contains 14% alcohol.



  • Plastic grocery bags were once used to pick up dog poo, twist it, tie it and dump it in the trash. Now they’re banned in our county – and elsewhere across the land.
  • Now, I’ll use paper towels for pickup and a paper lunch bag to hold it, twist it, roll it, whatever, then dump it.

100 sterile masks won’t last long for two people, one of whom takes public transportation to an essential job.

When we run out, we’ll use cloth. I’m using mostly cloth now.

The government and a bunch of other self-serving people keep claiming a mask isn’t necessary. On Facebook, large numbers of people are making fun of anybody who wears a mask, humiliating and shaming them. This needs to stop.

Some expert claimed that wearing a mask if you are diseased will help stop the spread of the disease, but wearing a mask when you’re not diseased doesn’t prevent you from becoming diseased.

Now that’s just faulty mumbo jumbo logic. The government keeps saying the disease comes from the respiratory system – meaning open mouth and breathe and virus comes out if one has the virus. An unprotected person breathes the same air that an infected person breathed out, and in goes the virus.

Both parties need the mask to thwart the spread of the contagion. If the mask stops the contagion from leaving or entering the mouth or nose, that’s all one needs to know – whether one person has it, both people have it or neither has it.

If a person touches something that has the virus on it – like a dollar bill or a piece of fresh fruit – and then touches their own mucus membranes with that finger or thumb or…, the mask over the mouth and nose cannot prevent that particular mode of transition – finger to mouth, finger to nose, finger to eye etc. We wear gloves to keep the virus off our skin, and then remove and discard them when in a fairly safe place – home or after a procedure.

  • Consider this: Those dead and half dead animals at wet markets suspected of spreading the coronavirus COVID-19 didn’t cough or sneeze into a worker’s mouth or nose or air around the worker’s mouth or nose. That tiger who supposedly gave the same virus to a zookeeper did not cough or sneeze into the zookeepers mouth and nose air space.
  • Conclusion: The virus lives on the skin after butchering an animal with the virus. Gloves only work if the wearer of the gloves keeps their hands from touching at or near mucus membranes. Rubbing your bloody, sweaty brow on a shirt sleeve of blood with the virus attached to the blood, can easily get into the eye of the worker.
  • The virus lives on the skin after the skin comes into contact with a dollar bill or a piece of fruit as an example. If wearing a glove, the virus lives on the glove – not lives off of the glove. What happens next? You either practice proper glove protocol or not.

It is irresponsible for experts to mix facts about modes of transmission, that serve no purpose except to further confuse the populace. This isn’t a game of wits and who can fool the greatest number of people by playing with the language.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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