Noocy Licious aka vegan yeast aka nutritional yeast doesn’t on it’s own, as a single ingredient, make all these cheese dishes shown on the advertisements.

In many cases it’s one of many additions to the animal-free cheese recipe and sometimes a small addition.

That however doesn’t take away from the value of adding vegan yeast to some recipes to enhance flavor and boost nutrient density – but it doesn’t work in all recipes.

Still, the ads are visually misleading.

Just so you know in advance, you don’t just add water or nut milk to produce a gooey, stretchy cheese.

Vegan yeast, if used judiciously can create a cheezy flavor when used with other ingredients. If the prominent flavor of the dish is a yeast flavor, then that defeats the purpose, since animal-based cheese does not have a yeasty component. Mold, that is prominent in the moldy cheese category, such as the blue cheeses, is not the same as yeast.

It can however be useful in rounding out the flavors, creating essentially undertones of an animal taste – as gross as that sounds – if not used in abundance.

Lilly Belle, our dog daughter likes vegan yeast mixed into her food. If sprinkled on top, it makes her cough, because it’s dusty. It needs to be wet.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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