Business Burning Is Becoming An Industry

Minneapolis Manufacturing Company Will Leave City after Plant Burned in Riots


AFC ClipBoard: Maybe that’s the plan: For black lives to drive white lives out of cities, so black lives can control the city centers. First you occupy the police department, then city council, then out of fear, people move out when the protestors weaponize fire to destroy their businesses.

African blacks throughout Africa are demanding blacks do business with only black owned companies worldwide. Sounds like prejudice toward white people that’s leading to discrimination in the market place against anything white made or white owned or sold by whites. 

Nobody wants to do business with people who advocate violence in the work place. Business Burning is about as violent as you can get. Yet, I’ve heard nothing about any arrests or charges made against the criminals who committed the violent acts. 

Savage acts against people and property are not welcome as motivational tools to force white people into compliance with black people demands. 

Black lives make it look like that’s all they have to offer the world, their violent behavior used to make white people do what they want them to do. Maybe it’s a good advertisement for hit men, but not for getting along in the world.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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