Restaurant And Bar Service Under CC Virus Rules

Governor Michael DeWine of Ohio recently floated the idea of requiring those who drink alcohol to also order food.

TA-FC ClipBoard: When the bars and restaurants reopened after the viral shutdown, I was surprised that the regulars still came in and spent the same amount of time as before the viral shutdown – most of them are single. That made it difficult for other patrons to get served given the distance rule.

Although the regulars often take food home with them, they sit and drink for about four hours. Some have to be driven home by staff or other kindly patrons. They’re so drunk they can hardly walk much less talk or eat.

  • So if you require DRINK AND DINE, then be clear about take out. People will reheat the food when they get home; they don’t care how long it sets on the bar waiting.

The bartenders tolerate it for tips. It seems to me though that four hours isn’t going to result in a bigger tip than two hours. But what do I know except my observations.

When someone is so drunk they poop on the seat and floor where they sit, and the employees have to clean it up, something is very wrong with the workings of that establishment.

It seems that where police officers or FBI or CIA or other government employees hang, those establishments aren’t held to the same standards as other establishments. They need to be.

I agree that if the state is trying to keep open bars and restaurants, by discouraging the people who drink for hours at a time, or the younger crowd who most often stand as they’re looking for hook ups, it’s probably a good idea to DRINK AND DINE ONLY.

DRINK AND DINE OR NO SERVICE. Most customers who eat and drink, do it and leave, they don’t hang around.

However, people will find a way around the rule by ordering a bag of chips or a side of fries to keep in front of four people pretending to snack on them.

It seems during this viral outbreak that a lot of people strategize on how they can legally, so to speak, break the rules. It seems almost instinctual the way they do it. We don’t see all the people who stay home, but it’s surely a whole lot more than go out.

The problem arises when a few go out and return to their homes and jobs to infect everybody with the virus that they got from hanging out.

Remember that drinkers are impaired, so when making rules that apply to them, one must consider their impairment and willingness to break rules that are harmful to themselves and others.

What rules will they obey? From my observations I’d say none.

You’d have to pay them and they’d still find a way to break them. Maybe one day of compliance and that’s all they can think or talk about. Not even a full day. Then it’s a little compliance. Wear the mask over your chin or on top of your head, or pull it down when you talk.

There are no rules they won’t break. However, if the management or owner thinks the rules are ridiculous, they set the tone.

Restaurants and bars are unique in that once you’re in, the mask comes off to eat and drink, and pretty much stays off till you leave.

The problem I encountered was people approaching to talk without the mask and getting way too close for comfort. Add to that the racial tensions in an environment of distancing and people’s actions get misunderstood, mostly because they’re in an environment with impaired people.

There was a rule about menus. They had to be paper, disposable. Well I saw some, but they clearly weren’t disposable, and still other establishments flagrantly ignored it. In the beginning the plastic menus would be swiped with cleaner, but it didn’t take long before no one did it. The appearance was there – the bottles and cloths.

As an afterthought and in the spirit of levity, I’d say hire all the people who find ways to skirt the rules while staying inside the boundaries whereby if they ever ended up in court they’d win. They must share some quality that some employers may find useful. Put them to work and shut the bars and restaurants a little longer.

The ones who stayed closed when others opened were the smartest. Look at what they’re doing and how they’re getting along.

The people doing the best jobs are the grocery stores. Lots of new hires don’t want to obey the rules, but when it’s mandatory, it gives the owners more power over noncompliance.

I think that’s the key, if it’s law they’ll do it.

People are CC Virused out. A spike doesn’t mean anything at this late stage of circulating misinformation for political purposes. Everything is either proTrump or anti Trump.

There’s too much variation among states regarding rules of the virus, compliance and non-compliance. Doing what’s best for your state doesn’t seem to be working to the benefit of the people in those states. Sure it’s the people’s fault, but there is simply too much conflicting information out there.

Attacking people for wearing a mask? Being called a racist for social distancing? Why are some groups more compliant?

The governor of New York sent virus-recovering people into nursing homes. If they were not contagious, then they should have been sent home. Seniors are at the greatest risk, yet they’re turning senior residences into public housing, which takes all ages, which puts seniors at risk – a high risk. It’s the younger ones who aren’t wearing the masks.

Make the masks mandatory statewide. Employers need to supply the masks; they’re not doing it. Only some.

Close restaurants and bars for six weeks. Reassess. What did they do wrong? How will they improve when they reopen this time?

This isn’t a game.

Selling drugs out of restaurants and bars needs to stop. Find another place, where people don’t gather. They take over the place. It puts everybody on edge and they push people out who have a right to be there.

Bartenders and waiters set the tone for the customers. They want tips, so they bend the rules.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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