I’m A Cashewgurt Girl

That’s right. First I was a girl, then I was a woman and now that I’m old, I’m a girl again. Well, so what? That’s the way the mop flops and the cookie crumbles – at least for me in my long life.

There’s a story behind my Cashewgurt experience that wants to be told. Delegate delegate delegate. Deliciousgate.

Once upon a time a Forager crossed my path in a store claiming to be lucky. I don’t know what luck had to do with it, but there it was. Curiosity got the better of me and I reached for the WORD not the PRODUCT, not knowing what Forager even meant.

Different, new, shake it up and lo and behold who could have guessed that yogurt aka Cashewgurt made a distinctive liquid sound upon shaking the carton which contained it?

Yogurt shouldn’t shake like liquid, but I bought it anyway – maybe this is something different, a new style, never saw the name before, and that did get my attention.

Turned out it was the best tasting plant yogurt yet, but that couldn’t prove the yogurt claim, being so thin. Is this a drink in a yogurt cup or an acidophyllis pudding? If this was sold as a shake, I’d buy it again – but not as a cultured pudding – thin, very thin pudding. It didn’t make the grade.

Back to now.

Steve brings home a bottle of probiotics on sale – Cashewgurt. Tried it, liked it, wished I had more.

Here I am again at a store claiming to be lucky. What do I see? More Cashewgurt on sale. Two for 7 dollars. Flavored or plain.

Having been recently pumped with multitudinous antibiotics to treat an antibiotic-resistant bacterial infection, that nobody clearly diagnosed, I’m in need of more probiotics.

This is it. Mine. Part of my life now – that Cashewgurt drink, rather than the Cashewgurt pudding aka yogurt.

Weeks later I went back to try the pudding again, and it was indeed thicker, but it still didn’t make the grade. The drink however is expertly designed – everything about it.

Not every company makes great all of the products they sell. Don’t rush so fast to compete with every other product under the dairy free milk label. You got lucky, you made fine one product out of your line up.

Go back and ditch the bad ones and make better the mediocre ones. Don’t tinker with the one that’s already great though.

So many companies fail, because they can’t stop tinkering. Others fail, because they’re too proud to change the original formula and they keep below par products in their line up far too long.

I’m a Cashewgurt Girl because of one extraordinary product in your line up. Try to keep that one extraordinary. Then rebuild from there.

Another Update: I don’t give up easily. I tried it once more several months later and the thickness improved in the yogurt. It still doesn’t have a yogurt flavor like the beverage has, but I do use it for single Tablespoon snacks, to thicken and nutrient-boost sauces, soups and dressings.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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