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Find weekly market reports on fed cattle, feeder cattle, slaughter cows and the boxed beef trade from industry experts Wes Ishmael and Ed Czerwein.

Source: Market Reports | Beef Magazine



  • Why is the Animal-Free Chef Advertising for Beef Magazine? Well, nothing is really for free, and if one wants to call exposure of the cattle industry free advertising, then fine.

Over here at Animal-Free Chef the goal is to educate the public regarding prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter.

The animal-abusing industries that form the basis of most all economies worldwide participates in this longest running holocaust in history and is a perfect example how humans enslave, torture and slaughter those animals they deem inferior to human animals, thus their right by supremacy to exploit them for profit and pleasure.

It’s better to know what they’re up to, than go about one’s way without due consideration of their plots, plans and policies.

The world is changing rapidly. Everyone knows the slaughter will end sooner rather than later, and it’s up to each country to figure out on what they will base their economies in that future that we are already in.


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