Real Resisters Wear The Mask

Your Mask Is A Tool Of Resistance

CC Virus Takes The Route Of Least Resistance

Wearing a protective facial mask, some will claim, doesn’t block the ability of the virus to enter the organism.

That is correct. If the air current is conducive to entry, the virus can find an opening.

Ever drop a screw and go looking for it where it fell, according to your location and the sound of it hitting the floor? You look everywhere, scour the floor, starting inward and moving outward, scanning with your palm, only to find it in a tiny crevice halfway across the room, and you wonder how the heck did it get there? It seems as if it looks for the most remote hiding place just so you can’t find it.

Actually the process of how it got there is the route of least resistance. All objects and motions conform to that same rule, unless manipulated by another source.

Although a mask will not totally block the entry of the virus if the virus is in your personal space, it won’t spend too much time trying, unless you’re in a closed environment such as a closet, cubicle, vehicle, elevator or other closed space, and given that the virus enters that space.

In a forced choice environment the virus becomes frenetic and seeks the quickest and easiest route to achieve entry. This virus is impatient. It doesn’t stand around waiting for opportunity; it seeks it out.

Wear your mask and definitely keep it on when in enclosed spaces. I’ve seen many people get off an elevator with their mask under their chin or hanging from their ear.

The mask acts like a manipulator by putting up an air block to your mouth and nose. Even with your mouth open and breathing under the mask, it’s not as easy for the virus to enter, so the virus looks for an easier target and route.

Your mask is a tool of resistance. It is not a measure of compliance.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef

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