Human-monkey hybrid grown in China for organ transplants

TA-FC ClipBoard: China said not that long ago that they wanted to lead the world. I guess the world should have known it would be in the area of exploitation of non-human animals.

It looks like a human fetus doesn’t it? Monkeys have blue eyes? Oops, just checked below and it is human. It’s a human-monkey. Let some of those escape their prisons and they could rule the planet.

It could have been born, but the Chinese decided to abort the fetus. I wonder if that is indeed true. Chinese aren’t particularly known for their truth-telling traits.

I wonder if the human part was Chinese? Yeah, so now we have Chinese monkeys in the world. Africans step aside. You’re no longer IT! Where did China get these monkeys? Africa isn’t the only continent where monkeys live.

“Núñez downplayed the fact that the university behind the research has a “catholic” moniker. The team, made up of members of the Salk Institute in the United States and the Murcia Catholic University, genetically modified the monkey embryos.”

“We are doing the experiments with monkeys in China because, in principle, they cannot be done [in Spain]” said Estrella Núñez.

I guess the question is why do we want to make people live so long that they need new organs to survive? And why use other animals for that purpose? Why make them slaves to endure the most awful pain and suffering?

It’d be interesting to know if they inserted intellectual traits. They said if brain cells grow, then the brain self-destructs. I doubt that. How were the blue eyes of this human-monkey functioning absent a brain?

Where’s the conscience of the world on this? With China? The USA? Even Catholics don’t mind? Those against abortions it appears are only against abortion for humans, not other animals? So is it to preserve the human race or some other purpose? What kind of incubator would house the human-monkey?

And how could this so-called embryo that looks like a fetus grow an organ big enough for a human without being born? And once born, what happens then? How do you care for the newborn? Do you feed it? Does it have a digestive system? It has to have a circulatory system, since organs need a blood supply, plus oxygen, which means lungs. And a nervous system to provide the nerves to the organs, which means that human-monkey can feel pain.

How do you stop the organ tissue from growing is another question? You don’t need a liver the size of a piano.

These experiments are reckless and harmful.

Humans just can’t stop enslaving, torturing and slaughtering other species for personal gain and profit. Why? Because other species can’t fight the process. Humans with a conscience are going to have to do that for them. sldt

original article:

World’s first ever human-monkey hybrid grown in lab in China

A HUMAN-MONKEY hybrid has been grown in a lab in China in a world first scientific breakthrough.  

By Henry Holloway / Published 1st August 2019

Scientist admits human-pig hybrid ‘is exciting’ in 2017

Scientists have successfully formed a hybrid human-monkey embryo  – with the experiment taking place in China to avoid “legal issues”.

Researchers led by scientist Juan Carlos Izpisúa spliced together the genes to grow a monkey with human cells. It is said the creature could have grown and been born, but scientists aborted the process.

The team, made up of members of the Salk Institute in the United States and the Murcia Catholic University, genetically modified the monkey embryos.

Researchers deactivates the genes which form organs, and replaced them with human stem cells. And it is hoped that one day these hybrid-grown organs will be able to be translated into humans.

“We are doing the experiments with monkeys in China because, in principle, they cannot be done [in Spain]” said Estrella Núñez.

Project collaborator Estrella Núñez hailed the experiment as “very promising”.

The team have not yet published their findings, but confirmed the hybrid to EL PAIS.

“We are now trying not only to move forward and continue experimenting with human cells and rodent and pig cells, but also with non-human primates,”  Izpisúa said.

The scientist, from Spain, was responsible for creating the first human pig hybrid in 2017. Izpisúa however said his human-monkeys are much better than his human-pigs. Team member Pablo Ross said: “The human cells did not take hold. We saw that they contributed very little [to the development of the embryo].

“It was only one human cell for over 100,000 pig cells.”

The scientists have also experimented with creating human birds with rats and mice, with the hope to developing transplantable hearts, eyes and pancreases…

READ MORE: Human-monkey hybrid grown in China for organ transplants by scientists – Daily Star

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