Animal-Free Eaters Are A Race

The time is now.

We come from all walks of life, political affiliations, genders, sexual orientations, socio-economic backgrounds, religions, philosophies and from all corners of the earth, which means from all nationalities and hues of skin.

We all share one thing in common, we don’t support the eating, wearing or abusing of other animals.

That satisfies the definition of race, which also means we’re protected under the USA constitution as well as constitutions and rules of all countries and territories and islands as citizens of where they live.

See how simple that was?

Now let us see some protective strategies, such as:

1- Stop demonizing people who don’t eat animals via the press, opinion news shows and movies.

2- Make available totally animal-free foods in all government funded programs and institutions and encourage the private sector to do the same. Not a plant burger on an animal bun. Stop cutting the baby in half. No baby survives that strategy.

3- Stop validating only the animal-free/vegan/plant foods, that government agencies deem healthy. The government doesn’t do that to animal-based foods, which means it’s an intentional discriminatory practice against animal-free foods and the people who eat them, while accepting all animal-based foods as valid, thus healthy. And they clearly are not.

  • Except for specific allergens and harmful chemicals, all animal-free foods are healthy, whereas, no animal-based foods are healthy.
  • Eating animals is not healthy for the animal you enslaved, tortured and slaughtered nor for the subject who ate it.

4- Celebrate differences, when those differences seek to save lives not take lives.

5- Work with all to find expedient alternatives to exploiting animals, including humans, for profit, for livelihood, for entertainment, pleasure, food, shelter, clothing, manufacturing materials, scientific research et al simultaneously.

6- Work with cultures and religions whose members support the exploitation of animals as part of said cultures/traditions to alter it’s vision for survival in a changing climate of ethical responsibility to end the human participation in the enslavement, torture and slaughter of non-human animals.

7- Each species has its races, just as the human species does. Just because scientists wanted human supremacy for the human animal, thus categorized humans differently to reflect that supremacy, doesn’t mean they were accurate in doing so. Real science knows there is no true hierarchy of supremacy within the animal species or races or breeds, only differences.

  • We’re all made from the same atoms and molecules and quarks. The arrangement is what differentiates each from one another.
  • What differentiates the animal from the plant is the animal has a nervous system and the plant does not, which means the animal suffers and the plant doesn’t.
  • The plant has roots and the animal does not, which means the animal can flee and the plant cannot.

8- Animal-eaters are not a race. They eat both animals and plants. Animal-free eaters eat only plants.

I do not eat animals. I am not an animal eater. I do not consume food that contains animal products. I am animal-free. I was born to be animal-free. My family and community raised me as an animal-eater. When I was old enough to explore and react to traditions, I rejected that part of my upbringing and education as unnatural, cruel and unnecessary.

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, The Animal-Free Chef

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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